"Lori has boundless positive energy and is very enthusiastic and encourages you to be your best. Each week is a bit different. I've been doing this class with Lori since November, I have lost weight, gained muscle, have more energy and feel great and look forward to the workout. Thanks Lori." ~Linda T

"Since I've been taking Lori's class my planters fasciitis (bone spurs in my feet) have almost gone away and I can now run again. I also enjoy being outside, it makes the workout very challenging, but enjoyable. Thanks Lori." ~ Erin C

"Lori, thanks so much for providing the opportunity to get a great workout without having to join a gym! I really enjoy the variety of the workouts AND not being stuck indoors (yes, even on those cold winter days!)"~Ramona W

"Love the class!!! Not a lot of running and lots of muscle toning exercises. I'm sure my body will look like it did 10 years ago (well maybe 5 years ago) in no time! Thanks Dharma :)" ~Gitta F

"I love the class because I work indoors so being outside at the end of the day is great! I am a single parent and it is hard to find time to keep in shape - this is great because my son can play at the park while I get my workout in. I believe it's important for us to teach our kids to be active and to make healthy choices and this is an opportunity for me to lead by example!" ~Jacqueline L

"I like the fact that Lori adjusts the workouts to your personal fitness level. You don't have to be a superstar athlete to participate" ~Cathy H

"Lori's class is great-she works you hard but afterwards you feel like you have so much more energy; the variety of exercise and being outdoors keeps me focused and motivated. I would highly recommend giving it a try!" ~Heather N