Outdoor fitness is for everyone

Outdoor Fitness is designed for individuals of all levels of fitness who enjoy being challenged in a dynamic, fun and motivating atmosphere.

These classes include HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), the High Intensity part is at your highest intensity level whether beginner or advanced, along with a variety of different training styles such as AMRAPs, Tabata, EMOM and a few more creative and cardio burning styles that will make you sweat, smile and enjoy working out!

Step outside to get fit and enjoy a great experience with an enthusiastic leader in these positive, encouraging group fitness classes.

Classes run rain or shine! Dress appropriately, if it rains…….. you will get wet

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Lori Watson (Owner)

I am a BCRPA certified group fitness instructor and have been running bootcamp style classes in Victoria since 2008.

Outdoor Fitness started out as a few friends, co-workers meeting up and working out on our lunch hour. Progressing to after work hours, the initial friends and co-workers told two people, they told two people and so on. Consequently I now run 5 classes a week. I have also been involved with dryland training for high level athletes in hockey and synchronized swimming as well as running fitness camps for community centers and kids clubs.

I grew up very active in dance, gymnastics and track & field. After moving to Victoria BC in 1992, I began coaching all levels of gymnastics at Victoria Gymnastics and personally stayed active with rowing, slo-pitch and outdoor volleyball.

I have taken many courses and workshops throughout the years that include Nutrition, Goal Setting and Diets and Fat Burning along with various styles of training the trainer in kettlebells, battleropes, bodyweight and training outdoors.

I am passionate about fitness but mostly passionate about building your confidence to believe in yourself that you can do it.

“Never underestimate what you can accomplish when you believe in yourself” Arthur Boorman

Fitness isn’t all about how fast you can run or how many burpees you can do.  Fitness is an entire experience, body & mind.  Your mind tells your body what to do.  I am in this industry to get your mind to tell your body that fitness is fun and that you can do it.    My goal is to motivate and challenge you to do something you didn’t think was possible.

When I am not at the park, you can usually find me on top of a mountain. I love hiking up mountains, any mountain whether it’s a 20 minute hike or a 2 hour climb.  It’s the view at the top that makes it all worth it.

My favourite exercise are Mountain Climbers, I think it’s because you can set a rhythm and your body takes over.  Also, Mountain Climbers are usually performed for :30 or less.  I love getting others to try new exercises and hearing them say….. ‘oh I can’t do that’.. then they do it.  That’s my favourite part.

Building a positive and successful fitness company that I am proud of and the hours I teach are still my number one favourite hour of the whole day.

People who accomplish goals from beginning to end and beyond.  

Class Locations

Victoria Location

Mill Bay Location


COVID Rules, Regulations and Guidelines for participating with Outdoor Fitness


  2. No Equipment will be supplied, always bring your OWN weights – IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR OWN WEIGHTS PLEASE ADVISE.
  3. I will NOT be supplying any MATS
  5. The areas of the park we use has wet grass.
  6. We will ALL maintain the 6FT Distance – AT ALL TIMES.
  7. ARRIVING TO CLASS – please set up your mat, weights, water at A CONE and remain there for the duration of the class.
  8. LATE ARRIVAL – If you arrive late to class, you will set up your mat as directed by the Instructor.  Please do not walk through the class.
  9. Please do not congregate before or after the class.
  10. Please respect everyone’s personal space.


  • Anyone who has had symptoms of COVID.  Fever, chills, new or worsening cough, sore throat is PROHIBITED TO JOIN CLASS
  • Anyone directed by Public Health to self-isolate is PROHIBITED TO JOIN CLASS
  • Anyone who has arrived outside of Canada AND/OR DIRECTED TO self isolate for 14 days is PROHIBITED TO JOIN CLASS

Order of the Provincial Health Order (PHO): Gathering and Events – December 24, 2020

This Order – Repeals and replaces my order of December 15, 2020 with respect to Gatherings and Events

Part I – Exercise (pages 17 & 18 of the PHO)

  1. A person may permit a place, other than a private residence or vacation accommodation, to be used for, or may provide, or may participate in outdoor group exercise, if the following conditions are met:
    1. the participants maintain a distance of 2 metres from other participants when exercises, and
    2. the participants do not congregate with other participants either before or after exercising.
    3. no person is present as a spectator, unless the presence of the person is necessary in order to provide care to a participant.
  1.  A person who participates in outdoor group exercise must
    1. maintain a distance of 2 metres from other participants, and
    2. not congregate with other participants before of after exercising.
  1. No person may permit a place to be used for, may provide or may participate in outdoor group exercise, unless the conditions is Section 7 & 8 are met. (I think this is a typo and should mean Section 6 & 7)

Schedule & Fees

Victoria: 2022 Outdoor Sessions at Glanford Park


JANUARY SESSION: January 4 – 29
FEBRUARY SESSION: February 1 – 26
MARCH SESSION: March 1 – 26
APRIL SESSION: April 5 – 30
MAY SESSION: May 3 – 28
JUNE SESSION: June 7 – July 2
JULY SESSION: July 5 – 30
AUGUST SESSION: August 2 – 20 (note: $49 – 3 weeks)
SEPTEMBER SESSION: September 6 – October 1
OCTOBER SESSION: October 4 – 29
NOVEMBER SESSION: November 1 – 26
DECEMBER SESSION: November 29 – December 17

All Sessions:

  • Tuesdays: 5:30–6:30PM
  • Thursdays: 5:30–6:30PM
  • Saturdays: 9:00–10:00AM

$69 per session for all classes (4 weeks)
$39 per session for 1x class a week (4 weeks)

Mill Bay: 2022 Outdoor Sessions at Kerry Park Recreation


JANUARY/FEBRUARY: January 10 – February 23
MARCH/APRIL: February 28 – April 27
MAY/JUNE: May 2 – June 22
JULY/AUGUST: July 4 – August 24
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER: September 5 – October 26
NOVEMBER/DECEMBER: November 2 – December 14

All Sessions:

  • Mondays: 5:15–6:15PM
  • Wednesdays: 5:15–6:15PM

Option 1:
$119 per session all classes (7 weeks)

Option 2:
10 x Class Pass: $119.00

Option 3:
Single class drop-in: $15.00

Payment is due at the beginning of each Session. Cash, E-Transfer (to outdoorfitness@shaw.ca) or Cheque payable to ‘Outdoor Fitness’.

Note: We do not offer make-up classes, see Policy listed below.

Cancellation Policy

Outdoor Fitness reserves the right to cancel classes due to a lack of registrants, inclement weather and any Provincial Health Order restricting group fitness outdoors. If Outdoor Fitness cancels a class due to any previous stated condition, the classes cancelled by Outdoor Fitness will either be re-scheduled or credited into a future sessions. If you miss a class for any reason, there will be no re-funds or make-up opportunities, classes cannot be carried over into future sessions. No refunds will be issued in the event of your cancellation after session start date.


Hoodie (Blue or Grey)

Price: $40
Sizes Available (fits large): XS, S (sold out in grey), M, L, XL

Tank Top (White)

Price: $20
Sizes Available (fits small): S, M, L, XL

Toque (Black)

Price: $20
Sizes Available: One size fits all


What an Amazing class! Lori is awesome at keeping me motivated to achieving my fitness goals! Thank you Lori!

Tracey L

Outdoor Fitness is definitely part of my health journey. I was terrified to start bootcamp but now 2 years in I can’t imagine a week without it. Lori helped me find my strength and I continue to build on it. I am grateful to have found a class and an amazing trainer that can challenge and support me.

Shona D

The most creative and fun bootcamp classes in town!! Thanks Lori for keeping us fit and making sure we have a good laugh!!

Melissa M

Thanks to Lori and Outdoor Fitness Fun I feel fit and strong! Classes are always fun and its a great workout. Challenging but not too hard. Thanks Lori!

Charmaine R

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